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Is making decisions a challenge? 

Are you trying to figure out which way to go? 

Do you feel like something is blocking your progress? 

I believe you already have what you need to overcome all life's challenges...

And I want to help you unlock it.

Intuitive coaches help you hone your decision-making skills by reading your energy and helping you use your own intuition to navigate life.

You will be delving deeper into what is holding you back and healing past hurts.  I will get you moving in the right direction in forming new thoughts and processes.


Because I work with the energies, I can go much deeper into the issues because you might not be aware of what you are putting out into the world.

I work with people individually and in groups, advising them on what is standing in their way. It is all cause and effect: what you put out; you get back.  It’s up to you to take action.

Janet Star Intuitive Coach
Areas covered include:
  • Love - Find your perfect partner

  • Relationships - Learn to see eye-to-eye again

  • Career - Grow into your dream job

  • Finances - They money is there, find it.

  • Energy - Answer to life's biggest question: "Why?"

  • Equine Connections - For horses and owners

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