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"The instant I met Janet I felt a strong warmth and comfort from her.  In working together shes helped me to recognize how I've been sabotaging myself as well as how to mend myself. Her insights are insanely on point, her ability to tap into my energy is impressive, to say the least, and her caring demeanor makes it very easy to open up. 
She has helped me so much and I'm extremely grateful our paths collided as her help has been invaluable.  Highly recommend her to anyone feeling lost, confused, unhappy, and unsure of how to get past the pain."

1-on-1 Coaching

4-Week Package

You will be added to my morning meditation remote healing circle, a FREE Mirrors Deck plus unlimited email support for your 4 weeks.  We will work on whatever comes up in your sessions or something specific that you would like to address.  Click here to learn more ⟶

1-on-1 Coaching

Single Session

In this one-off session, we will work on anything specific that you would like to address. Click here to learn more ⟶

Equine Energy Connections

Are you having behavior or physical issues with your horse? Do you want a deeper bond with your horse?

By tapping into your energy I can assist you in becoming a better horse owner by giving you insights as to what energy you are bringing to them.* Click here to learn more ⟶

*travel fee may apply

Guided Meditations

We will go over what your challenges and goals are. Then I will record your meditation and send it to you in MP3 digital audio for you to use as often as you need it. This is to help you retrain your mind to focus on your goals. Click here to learn more ⟶

It is a meditation and hypnotherapy session combined. 

Group Coaching

Group Classes TBD 

Coming Soon!
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