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Equine Energy Connections

Do you want to know more about your horse?
Are you having behavior or physical issues with your horse?
Do you want a deeper bond with your horse?
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As a horse owner, you know how sensitive horses can be. They react to the slightest shift in their environment and can feel it before we see it. 

As a horse energy worker, I help balance the energy of your horse and give you insights into why they are acting the way they are and what you can do to help them be happier and healthier. 


By tapping into your energy I can assist you in becoming a better horse owner by giving you insights as to what energy you are bringing to them and how your horse is reacting. 


I had a client that was having issues with their horse not standing for the farrier. The horse was a rescue and after working with them, I discovered that the horse had trauma with past farriers and needed to see that it was okay to trust his new owner. I did energy work on the horse to help smooth the past hurt and then worked with the owner to change the way she approached the horse and his training. She called me a week later and said that he was a completely different horse, he was much calmer and the farrier no longer had any issues. She now approaches everything she does in the barn with different energy and her horse has become a calmer, more accepting partner. 

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This service is available outside Columbus, Ohio with a travel fee. 

Fees: $300.00 per 1-hour session if you live within 2 hours of Columbus, Ohio


Discounts are available if you have more than one horse.

To book this service, please fill out the form below:

Thanks for contacting me. I will be in contact with you shortly to set up arrangements.

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