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"I was a bit unsure what to expect when I talked to Janet, but very quickly into our conversation, I realized she was EXACTLY what I needed to center myself and help me push through my limitations. Her energy is delightful and she really taught me to be myself and get clear on the message I want to put out into the world. I highly recommend you hire Janet to coach you too. Her intuitive approach will have you seeing things in a whole new perspective."
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My client wanted to know what was keeping him from having the business that he wanted. By tapping into his energy it was clear it was his past, specifically the beliefs about his family and them not being supportive of his carrier path. We worked on his belief and what he could do to bridge the gap between where he was and where he wanted to be. By releasing the emotions he had towards his family he was able to stay focused on his path forward. We are now working on taking his business to the next level and making it better than he thought it could be. 

Coaching for Business

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I had a client that was sad all the time. She could not figure out why she was so unhappy, though she had a good life. Working with her I realized that she was not listening to her inner guidance. It was telling her to drastically change her life by divorcing her husband. I worked with her to keep her energy centered through asking for a divorce, the divorce process, and moving into her new home. Once in her new home, she started living her life from a place of joy and listening to her inner guidance. By listening to her inner guidance she met a new man that became her husband. Her life completely changed and she is happier than she has even been.

Coaching for Life

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I work with people individually and in groups, advising them on what is standing in their way. When I see an image, I might not know what it specifically means, but when I relay the image or word 99% of the time you'll know exactly what I am referring to.
It’s all based on energy so to change your trajectory you have to be aware of what is blocking you and then be able to move past it. Other images that come in I recognize as common energies; for example, the sun means get yourself out there, a rainbow means a loved one is near, or a closed flower shows you are protecting yourself.
I am a Reiki Master and I received my Reconnective Healing Certification from Dr. Eric Pearl. I received my Holistic Coaching certification from Journeys of Wisdom which included the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), hypnotherapy, kinesiology, and energy release. I have a certification in natural health from Trinity School. I use the tools that I am guided to use in each session.
"When you clear out the obstacle to your joy and take the action steps to a new life… Magic happens!"

Book your session below:

  • In this single session, we will work on anything specific you want.
    1 hr
    200 US dollars
  • Book your first session and we will schedule the rest together.
    1 hr
    1,000 US dollars
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